This store is a compilation of EVERY product you could ever need to support a zero waste lifestyle!

Katie The Environmental Engineer, Creator of ‘Detrashed’.

I put this store together to provide a complete brochure of everything you could ever need to go zero waste. You will be able to learn a significant chunk of what’s required to live without making any trash, just by browsing through the products. In each product description I’ve written a short tip on why this product will help you reduce your environmental impact.

All purchases made through this site are fulfilled through Amazon.com. Detrashed receives a commission of about 6 percent of the retail price of each purchase. The most eco-friendly means of purchasing is to buy unpackaged bulk goods or second hand items, but for everything else, Amazon is amazing! Most products shipped from Amazon come in a recycled cardboard box that can be composted or recycled. Don’t forget that cutting back on waste by buying an item online that comes in a small amount of plastic, in order for you to offset a much larger amount of plastic waste, is still a major win.

I buy products from Amazon all the time and I keep the boxes and air pockets for other purposes.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to Detrash The World by shopping here and enjoy browsing!


Katie x